From The Par For The Course Desk…

GOP schmucks block tax increase on the short-sighted, money-grubbing bastards at the oil company. While I think it’s kinda funny that the hoopla actually benefits “Wee Oil” as much as “Big Oil”, fuck them, too. Plus the GOP can’t even get it up to extend tax breaks on renewable sources. I guess they realize before those companies can become huge donation giving entities, they’ll be out of office so why bother? The Oil guys are picking up the tab, right now.

It makes too much sense to suggest to BO that they roll the huge profits into diversifying their energy sources. Fuckin’ Exxon could make as much or more from my current crush, concentrated solar power. Especially when the frappin’ oil runs out…


Pinan Shodan

Group work and solo. No bunkai, sorry.


Me, flying solo…


I thought I was more fluid than that. Must be camera shy. I’m used to being behind it..

Dojo video

Since I’ve got my Mac and a digital camera, I’m making more videos. I’m worried about putting too much out there and giving away the Five point Exploding Heart technique. Anyhoo, this was my initial effort…the cool stuff was later, after I ran out of tape.

From the It’s Gotta Be Sexy Desk

It’s almost here!! The Tesla roadster, all-electric, chargeable via home outlet and 200+ miles on a charge!!

If you have the wherewithal, got buy one!! I wonder if Ed Begley is queuing up?

Wikipedia entry…

From The Hypocrisy Desk…

In stereotypical Christian fashion, some members of Barack Obama’s church are hinting maybe he should find a new place to worship a just and loving god.

Nothing like that old time religion…

On a different note, while “‘Mearca” is all worked up over Rev. Wright’s National Press Club shenanigans, Bill Moyers Journal actually had him on prior to the NPC for a one on one interview. Wow, a responsible journalist actually taking the time for a nuanced and contextual approach. Wright sounded sane, but I haven’t heard it all yet. I think he’s getting a little carried away, with himself.

From The Oh, For Fuck Sake Desk

Exxon just posted it’s first quarter profit statement. $10.9 BILLION dollars!!!

If I get in the White House (insert sneaky write-in plan here), my first order of business is an executive order mandating funneling half of corporate profits from energy companies toward solar energy.

Fuckin’ Bill Gates should peel off one or two of his billions and fund a CSP plant. Set up a non-profit plant and walk away…generating clean power and karma, in one fell swoop.

From The Yeah, What He Said Desk….

All these bloviating blow-hards of bullshit need to stop trying to secure their relevance and be part of the solution. Assholes don’t have the sack to actually get involved…. bite me!!

23/6 is my new web crush!!

From The You’re Shitting me!? No really…? What!? Desk

A fat guy is suing jail because he lost weight. The radical new diet also might be good for stimulation the economy.

Another great example of how we’ve engineered Darwinism out of our world.

I heard a report the other day state that we’re “running out of water”. No, there’s just too damn many people that are drinking it.

From The National Politcs Desk…

It used to be that candidates sought endorsement from senators, former presidents, notable politicians and media outlets(when there used to be multiple outlets…although journalists and news outlets SHOULDN’T be endorsing anyone, by definition…but I digress….). You know, folks with some kind of experience and actual knowledge of governance (one hopes).

Now it’s, “Let’s see what Keanu Reeves thinks! I mean, he was ‘Neo’!”

I’m all for celebs drumming up support for the voting process, but this recent trend of dueling celebrities is stupid. Also, Chuck Norris would beat them all up, anyway. Unless he fought Neo, of course…

From the Insanely Great Desk…

OK…I finally scored a PowerBook.Boo-yah! Yes, I have a Microsoft certification.Yes, I’m an IT consultant.I love the old G3 designs and I scored a Pismo 400MHz with internal Wi-Fi. I will be tinkering and upgrading, for a while.I’m still noodling with other versions of Linux, but dammit Macs are sexy.I’m already running into the Jobs “Reality Distortion Field”, but I will endeavor to perservere.